About Salacious Streets TV/Deziak Entertainment

Deziak Entertainment is a branding and multi- media production company founded by Elgin Mack and Emery Morrison, 2 cousins from California and Texas. They are the producers of Salacious Streets TV and head the hip-hop group, Deziak Clan. Deziak Entertainment’s client list includes: Ku Soju (Anheuser Busch/Inbev Distribution Company), Sprint/Nextel Corporation, Vidiator / Hutchison Whampoa, Ltd.,DivX, CBS/Viacom and Warner Brothers.

Salacious Streets TV is currently available for broadcast on mobile T.V. in the U.S. and multiple foreign markets. It is a hip hop channel providing the expressions, desires and imaginations of creative folks throughout the streets of America. It’s the source for what’s hot in the streets; rappers, clubs, cars, concerts, fashion, and more. Deziak Entertainment is the official urban liaison for Ku SoJu (who is currently distributed by MillerCoors).

Elgin Mack – CEO
Emery Morrison – CCO

Deziak Entertainment
P.O.Box 704
Yorba Linda,CA 92885